Poster Design

in collaboration with Carly Roeck

Wow. What an experience today was. Long story short, we were given the opportunity to attack an actual brief given to J. Walter Thompson by their client, Aspall, and then present our work to Simon Sworn (a creative for JWT) and other members of the JWT community.


When Carly and I first sat down and discussed this brief, we knew immediately that we wanted to highlight the apples. Without the apples, cider would be impossible, and without the high quality apples that Aspall uses, they wouldn't have the prestige that they do, their reputation. So what did we do next? We bought some apples. What better way to gather inspiration than to hold and play with the actual item you're trying to represent. We peeled, sliced and diced the apples and just experimented with the textures and colors we could produce with just the apples themselves. We slapped juicy apple slices onto the glass panes of our back door, allowing the natural light leak through, emphasizing the moisture held within the apples flesh, the unique texture that belongs to a crisp apple, the organic forms created within the core of the apples. Then, without a care about how crazy we must have looked, Carly steamed the apple slices on the window (using our iron) while I stood on a chair and snapped pictures of them.  

After just having fun and making a mess of the kitchen, we cleaned up and retreated to the living room to see what we could do with our images. Once we had looked through them all and picked out the ones that we felt were most visually appealing as well as which ones represented the quality of the apples most successfully, we decided that we wanted our posters to do the following:


·       visually communicate the high quality and freshness of the apples used in Aspall Cider

·       incorporate the blue label color of the Premier Cru Cider that we were to be advertising

·       place emphasis on the ingredients that make up the cider and not the cider or the bottle itself

·       give the feeling of "fresh"

·       illustrate the idea that Aspall Cider is almost too good to be true, almost like a fantasy


Once we figured all of that out, we chose the tagline "A FRESH FANTASY" and created 3 print ads that we both are very proud of.

When we finally presented to JWT today, it was such an enlightening experience. While I can't say that I agreed with all of his criticisms, for both our work and others, it was an experience that allowed me to sneak a glimpse of what my life could be like in 18 months. This is how the real world works. You're given a brief and then you have to create the best work you can and then hope that it speaks strongly enough for itself to be chosen. Some people will love what you do and others, well, not so much. While we didn't get the most positive feedback from Simon and his coworkers, we were greeted with many compliments and praises from our classmates, the ones who were technically our competition. Many of them said they disagreed with the critique given to us. 

This taught me a valuable lesson. 

This taught me to be proud. Just simply be proud of my work. It doesn't matter if one of JWT's creatives doesn't like it because if I am happy with it, then that's what matters. Cliche, I know, but it's true. Carly and I both are very pleased with how these print ads turned out and we like to think that they would be successful if they had actually been implemented.