Choose one of Facebook, Instagram, or Sony Music – companies that exist solely or mainly online, engaging with their customers in the digital realm. Then create a campaign or initiative, service or product with paper at its core, to promote your chosen brand and at the same time champion the importance of paper in an increasingly digital world.

Create a tangible and personal relationship with the company’s customers through paper and / or printed communication. Your solution will need to be coherent with the identity of your chosen brand and the services or products they offer.



Sony Music Visual Releases-
Sony will release big-name artists’ songs through their Visual Release campaign.

The soundwave for the song is made up of 360 individual pieces of 4 x 6 inch papers from Arjowiggins.

Once everyone comes together to add their part to the completed wave, the song will be released.

Location: major cities

In collaboration with Taylor Bills. Ta

Real briefs from major brands. Pencils to win.

New Blood is challenge. New Blood is about new thinking. New Blood is about marking tomorrow as yours. We need New Blood.

16 of the best brands issued creative briefs in 2017. Pencils for the best work. The future for everyone.


Each participant receives the following in a mysterious, call to action, envelope in the mail:

1 instruction sheet

1 location card

1 roll of double sided tape




SONY MUSIC produces a soundwave that is unique to the song they are visually releasing which is then scaled up to 15' x 5'

This soundwave is then broken up into three hundred and sixty 6" x 4" PARTS that are then printed on the front of a piece of Arjowiggins paper, with the SONY MUSIC VISUAL RELEASE symbol and text on the back.



Users will be encouraged to share their experience as well as follow the progress of the visual release through social media. 

The hashtag #playyourpart will provide a platform for promoting the campaign and getting SONY MUSIC fans across the globe involved.