This awesome new band is embarking on their first world tour and needs you to design all the posters for shows.

Every week at the start of class you are to have an entirely new and different poster for that week’s venue (see schedule). All content, (see below), must be represented in every design, at a minimum. The poster design must cater to what you believe to be your user/audience’s persona and communicate the required information. This is a fictitious band, but you must define the style of music, and the visual style for the band's brand image. Do this first and allow it to evolve over the course of the semester. Creating a “logo” is not as important as defining a Visual Style.



Research the venue and city for each show, put yourself in the mind of that population. Brainstorm ideas for how to promote the music/show to that audience, select one idea and move forward. Never skip the research, you will find your ideas through it.


12 inch - "Lunar Remixes"